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 Teaching Online for the First Time
This course is designed for instructors teaching online for the first time. It is a two to four-week intensive course facilitated by a specialist in instructional design for online learning that focuses on online teaching principles and is delivered using a learning management system. The course covers the fundamentals of planning, developing, and facilitating an online course implementing instructional design best practices as well as concepts for creating and presenting effective learning.

Taking this online course allows the participant to go at their own pace and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of taking an online course - anywhere at any time that works for them. As a participant you get to experience the course from the student perspective, a potentially important perspective for considerations that you can apply to your own online course when you facilitate.

For those who do not have the support of an instructional design team, the course follows a format utilized by instructional designers thus offering you the foundations of that process as you begin to develop your course. A certificate of completion is offered to all participants who fully engage in the learning process and attain a more than satisfactory completion level of all their course work.

Course activities include the use of asynchronous and synchronous tools such as a discussion board, assignment submissions, chat sessions, instant message tools, and other appropriate technology applications.

"After twenty years teaching in public education, I felt that I had all the tools I need to teach in any venue. While taking Teaching Online for the First Time, I was surprised to learn how different it is from teaching face to face. Not only is the approach to instructional design different, but the terminology used in online learning environment is unique. I also learned about the many tools available to enhance the online learning experience and engage students in curriculum. A fantastic course!" Jacqueline D.

Course Goals:
After completing this course you will be able to:
A. Plan an online course
B. Initiate developing an online course
C. Facilitate an online course

Topics include:
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Module One - Planning and Developing Your Online Course
  • Introduction
  • Distance and Distributed Education
  • Using Learning Theory and Instructional Design
  • Team Approach
  • Planning and Organizing Your Course
  • Analyzing Content for Learning Elements-Yours or Someone Else's
  • Accessibility
Module Two - Facilitating Your Online Course
  • Building An Online Community: Communication, Collaboration, and Feedback
  • Teaching and Facilitating Online
  • Evaluating Course Deliverables
  • Summary
Recommended Textbook: (not included in the price of the course)

Teaching and Learning at a Distance: Foundations of Distance Education, 5th Edition

By Michael Simonson, Sharon E. Smaldino, Michael Albright, Susan Zvacek
Pearson/Allyn & Bacon, Boston: 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-248731-3

For more information, please contact our Instructional Design Department.
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