How To Perform a Basic

Search in a Search Engine

Searching has become one of the most powerful web opportunities. Thanks to sites like Google, you can find scores of relevant information pages just by typing in one or more keywords. Searching helps with academic research, travel information, product shopping, and just about any other information need you might have. The biggest search problem is relevance. How do you frame your search parameters so that the search engine can return those pages that are most relevant to your need?

You search on the web by framing a query. The word "query" refers to a specific group of words that describes as accurately as possible the type of information you are seeking. For example, say you want to learn more about jam bands. Then your basic query might simply involve the two words "jam bands".

The words Search Engine refer to a program that systematically goes through the web to find matches for your query. Many search engines will also rank your searches for relevance, those sites that seem to match your query most closely.
A simple query like this will yield a huge number of results. In this case there were more than 2,000,000 sites found. At the bottom of your search engine will be a series of numbers that allows you to move to new screens as you go deeper into your search. You simply click on the number to see more results.

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