How To Scroll

Through a Web Page

Scrolling takes into account the fact that sometimes you cannot see the entire web page on your screen at any one time. By scrolling you move the page around so that different parts of it appear on your screen. Most scrollable pages require you to move up and down, but sometimes you will also have to scroll from side to side. Scrolling takes into account the fact that different viewers are looking at the web on a variety of screen sizes. It also allows page designers the fiexibility of including extra content on their pates.

The ideal in web design is to have a single page that fits completely on every user's screen. Here we see a design that fits entirely on one screen.

Many times context dictates that all necessary information cannot fit on one screen. In that case it (usually) extends beyond the bottom of your monitor. To access the information not currently onscreen use the scrollbar located to on the right-hand side of your screen. To use this place your mouse on top of the scroll bar, hold down the left mouse side, and drag the scroll bar.
As you drag you will notice the information scrolls, or moves onscreen, just as if you were opening an ancient Egyptian scroll rolling it up as you move through the document. You can scroll by placing your mouse over the up or down arrows located at top and bottom of the scroll bar. In relatively rare instances you will see a scroll bar at the bottom of your screen. When this happens, it means you can move to the right or left to see information that is located outside the horizontal portion of your screen.

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