Review Questions - Basic Web Skills

1. Write out your favorite web site address. Then explain what each part of that address means.

2. How is a URL like your home street address?

3. How can you tell a link when you see one on a web page?

4. Why is it helpful to have the ability to scroll on a web page?

5. What is the difference between the green back button icon used in this online course
    and the back button you would use on a web browser?

6. If you want to go to a specific website address (URL), where do you type this address
    in order to view the site?

7. What is a Search Engine?

8. Are search engine results ever influenced by money?

9. What are generally regarded as the two most reliable domain types when searching for
    information on the Internet?

10. What is the difference between downloading a file from the web and saving it to your computer?

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