Quiz - Basic Word Processing Skills
1. While different programs offer a variety of ways to control white space, one of the easiest is to use the
Enter Key
Backspace Key
White Space Key
Edit Key
2. When you want to keep two words together that would otherwise have been separated onto different lines you hold and press which two keys
Shift + Backspace
Ctrl + Enter
Ctrl + Backspace
Shift + Enter
3. The easiest, quickest way to indent a line is to hit which key
Indent Key
Enter Key
Tab Key
Shift Key
4. Typically learning to format includes the concept of
Select Then Do
5. Perhaps the easiest way to select text is to hold down the left-click button while you
Hold the Shift Key
Hold the Ctrl Key
Move the mouse
Drag over the words you want to highlight
6. Saving a file involves giving it a name that relates to its
File Size
Word Count
The Length of the Document
7. The keyboard shortcut to save your files is to press which two keys
Shift + S
Alt + S
Ctrl + S
Cannot be done
8. When printing a word processing document you need to select the Print command from which menu
9. The Print command is fixed and does not allow any additional options when printing
10. You cannot use two types of formatting (Such as Bold & Italic) for the same selected word or words