How To Navigate

To a Web Page Link

Earlier we discussed URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). An URL is the unique address assigned to every HTML page on the web. In this sense it is much like your home address. One way the web uses URLs is to provide links to other files. By entering information behind either text or an image, the person building your web page can "link" that page to any other page on the web. As a user, you access that linked page by clicking on the highlighted (usually underlined) text of on the image. Links provide non-linear navigation that is the foundation for moving about the World Wide Web. Unlike a book, web pages are linked by context, not by the order in which they appear.

The world wide web is actually a subsection of the Internet. It consists of many millions of documents (pages) which can be connected to each other. Each document contains a hyperlink (URL reference) that allows it to connect to other documents anywhere in the world, as long as that document lives on a web server somewhere. We refer to a hyperlink by its shortened version, link. Links are typically underlined and the text is a different color from other text on the page. The page at right is filled with links allowing you to get more information about each underlined, blue topic.

If you were to click on the underlined, blue words "Howard Hughes and Hollywood ", you would immediately be brought to this page.
Should you then press the back button and return to your original page, you will find that the "Howard Hughes and Hollywood " link has changed from blue to purple. Changing link colors is a web designer's way of telling you that you have already visited the page represented by that link. As a technique to remind you where you have already been, this is very helpful, particularly if you are doing a lot of web navigating.

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