Mastering Basic E-Mail Skills

This short course will teach you the fundamentals of e-mail, a skill that has become the most popular use of the Internet. E-mail allows you to send a message to anyone with access to the web. In addition, you can attach other files to that message. Thus e-mail allows you to send photographs, music, videos, databases, and spreadsheets around the world to anyone. With a little effort you can also create lists of people so that a group of friends, colleagues or relatives can instantly receive the same message. E-mail is a reliable, convenient, easy to use, instantaneous messaging system that helps us all keep in touch with each other. There are three basic parts to the course. The first teaches how to receive an e-mail message. Then you learn how to send a message. Finally you will acquire skill in attaching digital files to your e-mails. Click on any of the links below to begin learning!

Estimated time to complete this section: 35 minutes

Send an e-mail message

Receive an e-mail message

Attach a file to an e-mail

Review Questions