How To Use the Back Button

From working with this online course you are already familiar with the back button concept. Look at the smiling green arrow-man at the bottom of this page. Clicking on him will bring you to the previous page in the design order of this course. Your browser's back button has a slightly different job. It will bring you to the last page you actually visited. That might or might not be the last page in a site's design order.

One of the wonderful aspects of working with the World Wide Web comes with its ability to allow a completely non-linear experience. For example you might be doing online research about Canada when it occurs to you that you want to check up on your favorite hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguines. So you navigate to a local newspaper story about your team.

When you get to the Penguins story, your web browser stores the previous Canada e-book page in a very fast area of computer memory. It remains there until you either turn off your computer of suffer a power failure. Ok, you read your story about the Penguins, then decide to return to your Canada research paper. To do that you simply press the green back button in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Without even bothering to return to the Web, your computer takes you back to the last-viewed screen.

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