How To Access a Specified

World Wide Web Address

Every text, video, sound, graphic or HTML document on the Web has a specific address. In this sense a web site consists of a collection of these documents, each with a specific address that goes along with the site's actual domain name, as explained below. To access a file you type in an address, known as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

The first part of a URL identifies the method of access used. Generally you will be using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). A protocol is a collection of rules, and HTTP tells web servers what rules to follow when accessing the file. Most modern browsers assume HTTP, so you probably do not have to type this each time you go to a file.

Here you are telling the server that you want to go to a file that is located on the World Wide Web.
This is the domain name. A domain is a collection of files that can be accessed from the home page, which is where you are taken when you end your URL with only the domain name.
If you place a forward slash (/) after the domain name, then type in the name of a specific file, you will bypass the home page and go directly to that file.
That's the explanation of the address. Where do you go to actually input the address? With your web connection open, do a File > Open to bring up the address text box. Input your address into the blank white area. Then click OK. The web page will appear onscreen.

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