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How to Submit a Ticket For Support
Posted by Carrie Rawley on 25 November 2011 07:22 PM


Register and Create a Ticket on the CTDLC Support Center Website


The CTDLC Support Center ticketing system can be accessed at .  You will be brought to the following screen:


1 – If you have an existing account you can go directly to the Login window on the top right of the page.

2 – If you would like to create an account click the Register option located in the red box.

***You may also skip the Registration and Login and continue as a guest.    This will require you to enter additional security information (Captcha) and you will not have the option to view ticket history but should be able to submit a ticket and use all other tools.***


Clicking the Create an Account button will bring up the following screen:


1 - Please fill out all fields on the form.

2 - Then click the Sign Up button.


Once you are logged in the following screen will appear:


1 View Tickets: To view a list of all the tickets and correspondence associated with your account simply click the View Tickets icon highlighted in red.

2 – Submit a Ticket: To create a new ticket click the Submit a Ticket button highlighted in blue.

3 – Knowledgebase: To view articles about frequently asked questions, please select the Knowledgebase highlighted in green.

4 – Troubleshooter: This tool can help you to diagnose and solve some of the most common problems users experience.  Select Troubleshooter highlighted in purple to be brought to the tool.

5Downloads: To view and download User Guides, How-to documents, and common software, click the Downloads button highlighted in black.


Clicking on the Submit a Ticket link will bring up the following screen:


1 – Select the Support Center department.

2 – Click the Next button.

Populate the below fields with information that best describes you and what you need assistance with.  Please include instructions on how we can replicate the issue, screenshots of error messages, the url you are accessing and/or any other information that would allow us to resolve your issue expediently.



1-       When you are finished, click Submit.

The following screen will now be displayed:



1-       To view the ticket click on View Tickets.


The following screen will now be displayed:


1-       Click on the ticket title to view the complete ticket.

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