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 eVolution in eLearning

The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium and Fairfield University are proud to present:

eVolution in eLearning

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at Fairfield University

A one day conference exploring ideas, research and best practices in the (re-)design and delivery of online education in higher education with a focus on:

How to design accessible courses, the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, creating accessible course elements such as documents and media, and understanding the legal landscape of accessibility in higher education.

Open Educational Resources
How to establish and roll out an (institutional or programmatic) Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative, strategies for measuring OER success and student benefits, how to contribute to the global OER library, and low-cost versus no-cost textbooks.

Innovations for Student Engagement
Student-centered teaching, active learning strategies, uses of cutting edge technologies such as social media, gaming, mobile, digital storytelling, etc. for increased student interaction, adaptive learning, and course design for effective learning.

Student Retention and Success
Strategies for identifying and tracking “at-risk” students, tactics/approaches to measuring learning and student retention, support systems for (traditional and nontraditional) learner success, academic coaching, establishing benchmarks for student success.

Our Featured Keynote Speaker
Dr. Robbie Melton Dr. Robbie Melton

The Internet of Things or IoT will not be gently knocking at higher education's door, it will be banging on our doors with an army of devices in tow, and sooner than many of us anticipate. Gartner defines IoT as "the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment." Think- smart coffee pots and thermostats. What do we do with an increasing number of IP-enabled students who show up in IP-enabled vehicles ( or via high speed networks), wearing IP-enabled garments, bearing multiple IP-enabled devices, with the expectation that our community has the resources required to meet their expectations? What about the impact of virtual and augmented reality for teaching and learning? Come experience and explore the possibilities of emerging technologies.

Dr. Robbie Melton serves as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Mobilization-Emerging Technologies for the Tennessee Board of Regents and serves on the Board for the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), WCET Executive Board, MERLOT Project Director, Apple Distinguished Educator, DELL Advisory Board, and Global Education Center. Her tributes include the 2014 Top 30 Technologists, Transformers, and Trailblazers by the Center for Digital Education; 2012 Top Fifty Technology Innovation Educator from the Center for Digital Education and Converge; 2012 WCET WOW Education Technology Award; featured speaker at the United Nation UNESCO Mobile Learning Symposium. Dr. Melton is known as the first “Apologist,” due to her study of mobile apps and for her creation of the Mobile App & Smart Gadgets Education and Workforce Resource Center (one stop portal for educational apps aligned with over ninety-five subject areas from PreK-Ph.D).

Robbie K. Melton, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor of Mobilization Emerging Technology
Tennessee Board of Regents
"Education On-Demand and In Your Hands"

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