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 Learning System Hosting
Our Hosted service provides the necessary hardware and staffing for your eLearning needs. We provide 365/24/7 monitoring of your applications. We couple this service with our Support Center services to handle any questions or problems from your user community.
 Remote Management
Our Remote Management services provide specialized support for your eLearning applications within your environment. Our team partners with your local IT support to provide seamless support.
 Integration Services
Our LMS specialists have experience in integrating various learning platforms with different Student Information Systems (SIS). We will work with your campus to identify the business rules needed and then partner with local IT to implement those rules between the SIS and eLearning application.
 Consulting Services
Our LMS team provides a variety of consulting services for your campus. We can assist with the selection of an eLearning application, the planning and implementation of the application, and the integration and customization as well.
 Custom Development
Our Development team is experienced in creating custom modules and functionality for various learning platforms.
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