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The CTDLC does not give out grants to individuals.
 Grant Partnetships
By creating partnerships with other institutions, we create strong proposals to attract grant funding. We have been awarded federal, regional, and state grants for projects such as those that resulted in our eTutoring Collaboration, our ePortfolio platform, and our research into the technical skills of today's students. Click here for a history of our Grant Partnerships.

Contact: Carolyn Rogers for more information on how we can work with you to build and manage multi-institutional grants and grant proposals.
 Grant Services
We provide a wide variety of services for institutions, agencies, and non-profit organizations that are writing grant proposal and/or managing grants: Contact: Carolyn Rogers for more information.
 Grant Projects
Adult Virtual High School to provide online credit diploma and GED preparation courses for students enrolled in CT's Adult Education Programs. Click here for more information.
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