How to Apply Basic Word

Processing Formatting

One of the more important parts of documentation creation involves making content as readable as possible. Naturally you do want to have excellent content. But you also want to entice your reader to absorb that content. Formatting does this. Typically, learning to format includes the concept of select, then do. First you select (highlight) the text you want to change. Then you do by applying the desired format.

Perhaps the easiest way to select text is to hold down the left-click button while you drag over the words you want to highlight.

Once you have the text highlighted, you can apply formatting using bacic point and click. (You have selected, now you will point and click to do.) To boldface the paragraph selected above, move your arrow to the B, then click. You have just added formatting to the paragraph you selected.
You could use the same paragraph italic or even make it both bold and italic. However, this would be so much formatting that it would probably be confusing to your reader. In fact the proper use of italic type is to use it only for emphasis and for not more than three words. For example, you might want to emphasize the words "daily except Sundays". To do that, first select (highlight) the words, then point to I, as illustrated to the right. After you have selected the type, you would then click on the "I" on the right-hand portion of the toolbar.
Sometimes you also want to rearrange the way your lines appear on the page. In certain special cases you might want to center each line. To do that you use the same select then do technique. First select the lines you want to center, then press the Center command button on your word processing toolbar. The white mouse points to this button in the accompanying illustration.

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