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ReadSpeaker Text-to-Speech Solutions
CTDLC is pleased to be partnering with ReadSpeaker (www.readspeaker.com), a leading provider of innovative audio solutions. Used by major educational institutions and publishers, students can listen to content as they follow along with the highlighted text. The ReadSpeaker suite of text-to-speech solutions increases learning efficacy and extends the reach of online content by instantly creating an audio version of content in-line with Universal Design for Learning (http://www.readspeaker.com/understanding-universal-design-learning) concepts.

Accessability AND Univerisal Design for Learning (UDL)
Once the domain of accessibility needs, text-to-speech is now recognised to support learners of all types. ReadSpeaker’s solutions improve comprehension, increase motivation and better learning outcomes, making courses more appealing and effective and thus helping institutions to attract, retain and support students.

Easy to Integrate. Easy to Use.
ReadSpeaker is easily integrated into an institution’s Learning Management System, and their solutions are cloud-based which means automatic updating and access anytime, anywhere and on any device. Learn more about ReadSpeaker by contacting joe.messanella@readspeaker.com or on (703)657-7801.

Pricing Agreement and Details

We are pleased to provide you with our pricing commitment for 2016-2018 for the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium. By bundling the FTE’s together, the campuses can save based upon higher numbers.


Readspeaker Enterprise with Highlighting and docReader, English language within LMS Price remains for 3 years.

LMS Pricing for CTDLC 2016-2018
Number of Students (FTE) Price Per Student Annual Fee Avg Set-up Fee
0-8,999 $0.96 $4,320 $495/per school
9,000-15,999 $0.90 $10,800 $1,080
16,000-31,999 $0.72 $17,280 $1,728
32,000-54,999 $0.60 $26,400 $2,640
55,000-72,000 $0.54 $34,020 $3,400
72,001 + $0.48 TBD $10% of annual fee

ReadSpeaker service include both html and accessible document reading.
ReadSpeaker service includes one language, additional languages at 20% surcharge.
Campus website (CMS) is an additional 15% of annual Fees.

TextAid LTI Additional Cost 2016-2018
Number of Students (FTE) Students Price Per FTE Student
0-31,999 $1.33
32,000-54,999 $0.96
55,000 + $0.70

For more information contact:
Joe Messanella – Regional Account Manager
ReadSpeaker®, The Voice of the Web!
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