... Journey to Academic Integrity and Authentication

Our Journey

How do you promote a culture of academic integrity in online learning? Authenticate online course participants? 

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Developing and maintaining a culture of academic integrity and ensuring the authenticity of participants in online courses are common challenges for providers of online education. Crafting effective policies and procedures to meet these challenges is a journey rather than a destination when considering the situational, personal, and cultural dimensions of academic integrity perspectives and the evolving needs for participant authentication in online learning.

Colorado Community Colleges Online (CCCOnline) has over a decade of experience as a quality online learning provider. We've learned many lessons from students and faculty about academic integrity and authentication!

Historically, the policies and procedures for academic integrity focused on plagiarism. Our authentication measures were limited as well. In 2010, a review of literature, policies, and procedures for academic integrity and authentication was conducted. Additionally, an asynchronous focus group with CCCOnline faculty explored scenarios where violations of academic integrity commonly occur.

Eventual collaboration with the WCET Academic Integrity and Student Authentication Common Interest Group furthered our understanding of how to meet the challenges of academic integrity and authentication.

Our journey resulted in the revision of the Academic Integrity Policy in the Faculty and Student Handbooks, revision of the Course Policies page common to all CCCOnline courses, and development of tutorials to highlight the the main themes and best practices for promoting and maintaining a culture of academic integrity and authenticity in online participation. We invite you to review our resources!


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The resources are licensed under the Creative Commons as Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike. If you have questions about our journey, feedback, or are interested in reusing the resources, please contact contact training@ccconline.org - we look forward to hearing from you!