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Too Much Information!

Girl Texting, used with permission from Ed Yourdon ( studying one sunny afternoon, Jeanne had a question about a theory from the course readings. She sent Alex a text message asking for clarification. Since Alex passed the course last term, Jeanne was confident he could help. Alex responded to Jeanne providing the quiz question about the theory and gave her the correct answer too!

Did Jeanne and Alex maintain academic integrity?

Click the options below and consider the feedback.

Option 1: Yes

Perhaps. Jeanne did not ask for the specific quiz question nor the answer. She asked for clarification about the theory. However, since Alex responded with the information about the question and the answer on the quiz, it might be interpreted as unauthorized assistance. Jeanne would maintain academic integrity if she let the the instructor know about the conversation.

TIP! (light bulb)A clear violation of academic integrity would occur if Alex offered to give Jeanne the entire quiz and Jeanne accepted it. Both Alex and Jeanne would be in violation by giving and receiving unauthorized assistance with coursework.

Option 2: No

Perhaps. Since Jeanne did not ask for the specific quiz question nor answer, she was not trying to "cheat" on the quiz. However, since Alex provided such specific assistance, Jeanne could maintain academic integrity by informing the instructor of the study assistance she received.

TIP! (light bulb)Informing the instructor does not involve "telling" on Alex. The informing could be conveyed, "A friend who took this class before helped me study. I think I have an answer to one of the quiz questions by accident." This approach is honest.

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