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Online High School and Credit Recovery courses with CT Virtual Learning

Summer is just around the corner and for many high school students this is a time mixed with the joys of family vacations as well as academic planning. Whether summer school planning is for credit recovery, pre-learning, or catch up, our online courses taught by CT certified teachers are a top quality choice. Students may begin taking courses at any time and work at their own pace to complete them. Cost effective options are available to meet a variety of student needs.

Examples of some of the students taking our online courses include middle school students taking high school level math; a student that moved and didn't finish one of his courses taking the second semester online; and students who failed are retaking courses. With CT Virtual Learning, students have the ability to access their courses, communicate with their teachers and complete their work on a schedule that fits in with their family and work requirements. Accessible anywhere with Internet access, a secure login environment provides fully interactive lessons and assignments, aligned with CT and National standards of quality.

Credit Recovery courses have been designed for students that did not pass a course initially but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. The courses operate on a diagnostic driven model to validate comprehension, assess strengths and weakness and allow students to repeat or proceed through lessons as needed. Most students finish a Credit Recovery course in 8 weeks if they set aside a couple of hours each day to do their work. CT Virtual Learning allows 10 weeks for completion; however extensions are available for students that need them.

If you are a school administrator, teacher or guidance counselor please keep CT Virtual Learning's online courses in mind when advising your students. To get started, contact Gretchen Hayden ghayden@ctdlc.org or Carolyn Caggiano ccaggiano@ctdlc.org; or visit our website atCT Virtual Learning www.ctvirtuallearning.org.

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