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CTDLC Connects CT State Agencies to Online Learning

The CTDLC recently entered into a five year agreement to provide technology support to a collaborative program called Connect-Ability. Connect-Ability is headed by the Bureau of Rehabilitative Services and works to remove barriers that make it hard for job seekers with disabilities to find and keep jobs. Their role is to offer information, tools and technical assistance to job seekers and employers. This current project will expand online courses for consumers, their friends and family, and those who support them as well as for employers.

The CTDLC will be developing and hosting the front-end registration system which will house the course catalog, course enrollments and informational reports that will measure the success of the program. CTDLC will also provide instructional design/course development for approximately 14 topics per year. As courses are developed, they will be added to the course catalog and made available to the public through the Website. CTDLC will host these courses on Blackboard and provide Help Desk services to agency staff and the public.

Work has already begun on this project and the first courses are being released this month. CTDLC is proud to be supporting such an important initiative for the State of Connecticut, the BRS and Connect-ability.

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