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Now is the time to join CTDLC

Now is the time to join CTDLC. Your institutional membership in the CTDLC provides your administrators, faculty, and staff with the connections and collaborative opportunities that promote excellence in teaching, learning, and student support. These include:

• Negotiated vendor discounts such as a statewide contract for a 25% price reduction to join Quality Matters, the faculty controlled peer review program to ensure excellence in online courses.

• Rapid dissemination of information and consulting on important issues such as online student authentication, academic integrity, and open learning resources.

• Our new website with one click access for students to search for your online courses and degrees, and improved access for member initiatives and benefits.

• Opportunities to participate in grant funded projects such as our one year Davis Educational Foundation funded project with four of our baccalaureate members to create interactive supplementary materials for basic writing instruction; and our three year FIPSE funded grant project with two of our Community College members to develop an online Adults Success Center.

• Member access to "sandboxes" to experiment with new technologies.

• Demonstrations of new technologies.

• Information about events, and statewide and national initiatives through our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, webinars, and our listserv.

• Invitations to our annual Presidents' Breakfast.

• Our new online faculty training course for faculty who want to teach online.

• Member rates for our comprehensive suite of services including Learning Management System hosting, instructional design, and consulting.

Contact Susan Champine at schampine@ctdlc.org for more information

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