Review Questions - Basic E-Mail Skills

1. In addition to embedded text messages there are several other types of files that
can easily be sent via e-mail. Name five of these file types.

2. What are some similarities and differences between e-mail and a regular letter mailed
using the U. S. Post Office?

3. To, Cc, Bcc and Subject are all words that ask for information when you send an e-mail.
What does each represent? Of these four words, tell which is/are optional and which is/are

4. When you receive an email message, where does it reside before you either open or delete it?

5. In addition to the actual message, what type of information is typically contained in an e-mail?

6. What options are typically available to you after you have opened an e-mail message?

7. Why will you probably not be able to attach a Microsoft Access database file to an e-mail?

8. In the Attachments dialog box what does the Browse button let you do?

9. Describe the process of actually sending an e-mail message after you have finished composing it.

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