How To Receive

An E-mail Message

Before you can receive an e-mail message you should first log onto your account. Your messages all sit on the server, waiting for you to come and retrieve them. You can choose whether to open each message, to delete it, or to store it. Within limits each server will typically allow you to keep several hundred e-mails, either read or unread, stored. If you have exceeded your storage limit, you will receive a message from the server administrator. At that time you will have to delete at least enough e-mails to get back within the storage limit.

Just as in sending a message, you should first log onto the server when you want to receive e-mail. If you are not familiar with how to do this, please click "Send e-mail message" at the bottom of this page and review those instructions. When you go to your account, you will find a list of messages in your inbox. You will also be able to view one of those messages automatically. You do not have to open the message to view it.
Should you decide to open the message, double click on its From/Subject line (highlighted in blue above). This will actually open the message so you can either copy or reply to it. Your e-mail tells you who it is from, who else receives it, and the date and time that it was sent to you. In this case, we also see that the sender marked it as having High Importance.
After you have received your e-mail, look at the top to see what options are available. You can reply, reply to all recipients, forward the message to someone else, print it, file it, or delete the message. As you can see, your e-mail account is a tremendous help, but it does take some management on your part.

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