Basic Word

Processing Skills


This online course will help you master the fundamental skills involved in word processing. No matter what word processing program you use, there are certain skills that are used in all versions. These skills give you the basics for arranging a text document to be as attractive and organized as possible. In the web pages that follow you will learn about these skills. Please begin by clicking the link to teach you how to use the Enter (or Return) key to add a blank line to your document. Throughout these exercises you can click on the green (back) arrow to move back one screen or on the orange (forward arrow) to move forward one screen. Alternatively you can use the navigation bar provided at the end of each lesson.

Estimated time to complete this section: 45 minutes

Using the Enter/Return key to create a blank line

Tab text to indent a line

Apply basic formatting: bold, italic & center

Save a file (including naming the file and locating where to save the file)

Print a file

Review Questions