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File from Web Page

Many times you will see a web page or image that you want to save. To do this you need to download that particular file. When you download, you type in an address, which is also a message to the server where your web page lives. In that message you are asking the server to send you a copy of your requested file. To respond the server looks at your computer's Internet address and almost instantaneously sends along the file.

You have found a file that you want to save. As a example, let's imagine you are researching an art course paper and want to save an entire page.

Go to the File menu and do Save As. A dialog box appears showing the new folder you have created to hold your research. Notice that there is a default value in the File name text box. Either accept this name or change it to something more appropriate to your research. Next, click Open to direct the new file to either My Documents, the Desktop, or a folder where you can remember saving the file. Then click Save to place a copy of the entire page on your computer's hard drive.
Or you might want to just save a copy of the painting. This is also a simple process. Move your mouse over the painting and right click. Then click on Save Picture As...
The Save Picture dialog box appears. Notice that it is blank, even though you have already saved an entire page to this folder. The reason for this is that you are now saving your first image file, and images are stored in a different file type than text pages. In this case the image file type is a common format called JPEG. Click Save. A copy of the picture is placed on your hard drive under the name your select and type into the File Name text box.

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