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St. Vincent's College

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Degree Programs

RN-BSN Degree Completion Program: Bachelor
Online RN-BSN Degree Completion Program from St. Vincent’s College
The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a bachelor’s degree completion program designed for registered nurses who have completed an associate or diploma program in nursing. The curriculum provides the learner with a balance between professional nursing courses and those in the liberal arts and sciences. The courses in the natural and behavioral sciences and humanities serve to enhance the depth and breadth of the professional nursing curriculum. The foci/threads of the program are informatics, community & trans-cultural, spirituality, genetics/genomics, leadership and evidence based practice.
Link: RN-BSN Degree Completion Program
Contact: Sharon Makowski - 203-576-5478

Computed Tomography: Certificate
The Computed Tomography Certificate Program (total of seven [7] college credits) will teach the student to operate and utilize computerized tomography (CT) scanners to produce images of patients’ internal structures. The flexible day, evening or weekend schedule will consist of twenty-two (22) weeks of online lectures and include hands-on training at one of the affiliated clinical education site(s). This course is appropriate for technologists wishing to enter the field of CT Scanning with no previous experience as well as technologists who have worked in CT without extensive formal training. Upon successful completion of the program, the students are eligible to sit for the ARRT Certification Examination in CT Scanning.
Link: Computed Tomography
Contact: Susan Capasso

Health Care Management: Certificate
The 15-credit (all 5 courses offered Online) Health Care Management certificate program provides a basic foundation in health care management practices. The program provides the knowledge necessary to identify, analyze, and solve problems, as well as a general overview of organizational behavior, economics, finance, and current legal and ethical issues. Integrated throughout the curriculum are topics of leadership and motivation, in addition to an emphasis on developing skills in communication, negotiation, and teamwork.
Link: Health Care Management
Contact: Susan Capasso

Health Promotion: Certificate
The 15-credit Certificate Program is offered completely Online, giving students the ability to take courses while continuing their present employment. Using the holistic approach (incorporating spirit, mind and body) to achieve wellness, students will explore lifestyle issues and behavior patterns that promote health. The study of nutritional concepts and the psychosocial role of nutrients in diet and health and other issues will also be explored. The final course in the program focuses on designing, developing end implementing one or more health promotion interventions, thereby preparing students to become employed in various health agencies or continue their education in a health related field.
Link: Health Promotion
Contact: Susan Capasso

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