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Fairfield University

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1073 North Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06430
Phone: 203-254-4000
Email: admis@mail.fairfield.edu

Degree Programs

Online Degree Completion Program: Bachelor
Fairfield University's Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs allow you the flexability to continue your studies and meet the changing demands of your personal and professional life. The versatility of the degree allows you to take control of your future. You can take courses online or during the day, evenings, or weekends at our Fairfield, CT campus as well as our international locations in Nicaragua, Ireland, Italy, or Australia. The flexability of the Bachelor's Degree Completion Program allows students to attend full time or part time.
Link: Online Degree Completion Program
Contact: Dr. Aaron Perkus - (203) 254-4110

Professional Writing: Certificate
Link: Professional Writing

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