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BMS 474 DE - Power of Plagues
Offered By Quinnipiac University - 3 credits
Instructor: Lisa Cuchara  
Instructor Email:  
Date Range:
Summer 2018
From July 9, 2018 To August 24, 2018
Course Level: Undergraduate
Cost:   $0.00
Course Type: Credit
Add'l Out-of-State Cost:   $0.00
Course Delivery: Online
Add'l Fees:   None
Per Semester Fee:   None

Description: This course examines the impact of infectious diseases on humans--in the past, in the present and in the future. From the 14th-century plague to the current HIV/AIDS, diseases have fundamentally altered the shape of society, politics and culture. This class examines some important diseases, including their impact, pathogenicity, infectivity, epidemiology, consequences, costs and lessons learned. Diseases such as smallpox, polio, rabies, tuberculosis, cholera, bubonic plague, influenza, malaria, yellow fever, syphilis and AIDS are investigated. The impact of antibiotics, antibiotic resistance and nosocomial infections also is discussed.

Prerequisites: BMS*213/213L or BMS*370/370L

Additional Info: Phone: 203-582-5669
Website: www.quinnipiac.edu
Email: quonline@quinnipiac.edu


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