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MED 105 VAA - Medical Terminology
Offered By St. Vincent's College - 3 credits
Instructor: Holly Mulrenan  
Instructor Email:  
Date Range:
Fall 2012
From January 21, 2014 To May 12, 2014
Course Level: Undergraduate
Cost:   $1,965.00
Course Type: Credit
Add'l Out-of-State Cost:   $0.00
Course Delivery: Online
Add'l Fees:   None
Per Semester Fee:   None
Registration Deadline: 1/14/2014
Late Registration Fee:   None

Description: This course offers an introduction to medical terms through an analysis of their construction including prefix, suffix, root, connecting and combining forms. The student acquires an understanding of medical meanings applicable to the structure, function, and diseases of the human body. Abbreviations and their appropriate usage are represented.

Prerequisites: None

Registration Info: Call 203-576-5616 or e-mail registrar@stvincentscollege.edu to register for this course.


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