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BIO 010 VAA - Anatomy & Physiology I & II Review Course
Offered By St. Vincent's College - 0 credits
Instructor: Susan Capasso  
Instructor Email:  
Date Range:
Fall 2013
From July 8, 2013 To August 16, 2013
Course Level: Undergraduate
Cost:   $120.00
Course Type: Non-Credit
Add'l Out-of-State Cost:   $0.00
Course Delivery: Online
Add'l Fees:   None
Per Semester Fee:   None
Registration Deadline: 7/8/2013
Late Registration Fee:   None

Description: A self paced online review course that includes the study of DNA, cells, histology, genetics, fluids and electrolytes, acid-base balance and the following systems: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, lymphatic and immune. Chapters on the special senses, the aging process and radiochemistry are also covered.

Prerequisites: Completion of Anatomy and Physiology I and II at an accredited college with a grade of a C or better.

Registration Info: Call 203-576-5616 or e-mail registrar@stvincentscollege.edu to Register for this course.


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