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BIO* K111 12050 - Intro to Nutrition
Offered By Three Rivers Community College - 3 credits
Instructor: Ann L McNamara  
Instructor Email: AMcNamara@trcc.commnet.edu
Date Range:
Spring 2011
From January 20, 2011 To May 18, 2011
Course Level: Undergraduate
Cost:   $453.00
Course Type: Credit
Add'l Out-of-State Cost:   $1,349.00
Course Delivery: Online
Add'l Fees:   None
Per Semester Fee:   None
Registration Deadline: 1/19/2011
Late Registration Fee:   None

Description: This introductory course covers the principles of nutrition, nutrients, their sources, the interaction between those nutrients and the human body, and the selection adequate diets for different age groups.

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: Placement test score indicating ENG* K101 or successful completion of ENG* K100 with a "C" grade or better.

Additional Info: Students may visit our website at www.trcc.commnet.edu/Div_IT/EducationalTechnology/EDDL.shtml.

Registration Info: Registration information is available at:


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