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AUCA 150-22390 - Ethnic Roots and Urban Arts
Offered By University of Hartford - 3 credits
Instructor: Professor Beckford  
Instructor Email: beckford@hartford.edu
Date Range:
Summer 2010
From June 18, 2012 To August 10, 2012
Course Level: Undergraduate
Cost:   $1,380.00
Course Type: Credit
Add'l Out-of-State Cost:   $0.00
Course Delivery: Online
Add'l Fees:   None
Per Semester Fee:   None
Registration Deadline: 6/17/2012
Late Registration Fee:   None

Description: This course seeks to broaden students' knowledge of the diversity and richness of the artistic contributions of ethnic groups that have shaped the dynamics of the urban community. Students acquire a knowledge base of selected ethnic arts, including visual arts, music, drama, language, literature, dance, and folkways, as well as their critical, historical, and sociological contexts. Students are exposed to the ethnic arts resources of the Greater Hartford area. (Oral and Written Communication, and Values Identification)

Required Textbooks: Go to

Prerequisites: none


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