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 Strategic Consulting
As a pioneer of distance education, we have seen the power that disruptive technology and change can have on a campus and its community. We often witness that the implementation of a physical technology is often much easier than the cultural shift that an institution undertakes when adopting a tool.

Creating, sustaining, measuring and managing change is a difficult. Successful changes involve the development of a strategy, identifying key participants, drafting measurable outcomes, and managing a "virtual teams" of cross-institutional thought leaders through a project. Over the past 12 years, we have focused on solving educational institutions' business problems by leveraging technology, collaborations, and strategic partners. The CTDLC has developed best practices for the development and implementation of strategic plans, technology implementations, and gap analysis.

We do this by bringing a team of experienced educators, instructional designers, academic managers, and technical consultants to help you and your institution evaluate technologies, change business practices, and determine the alignment of new technologies on your campus.

Contact: Kevin Corcoran
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