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Curriculum, Design, and Content Contributors

Development of the iTeach Essentials course for faculty has been a collaborative process of Connecticut Community College System Office training staff, as well as many contributors from throughout the Connecticut Community College system.

The project was part of an overall training redesign that aligned all hands-on, self-paced web-based, and online training resources for faculty system-wide.

Contributors are listed in alphabetical order, followed by an abbreviation of their current or former employing college.

(See bottom of this page for a key to the college abbreviations.)

Training Redesign Curriculum Workgroup

Kem Barfield (TrCC), Kathleen Cercone (HCC), James Gentile (MCC), Kimberly Hamilton-Bobrow (MCC), Laurel Quinones (HCC), Michael Rooke (MCC), Tobi Krutt (SO), Margi Winters (TxCC)

iTeach Design Workgroup

Kem Barfield (TrCC), Mary Bollash (MCC), James Gentile (MCC), Tobi Krutt (SO), Katie O'Connell (ACC), Laurel Quinones (HCC), Bonnie Riedinger (MCC)

iTeach Essentials Module Contributors

iTeach Pre-work: Essential Competencies for Creating Online Course Content

Lois Aime (NCC). Mary Birdsey (GCC), Rhonda DeWitt (SO), Larry Flick (TrCC), Tobi Krutt (SO)

Module 1: On ground Versus Online Learning

Mary Bollash (MCC); Katie O'Connell (ACC), Steven Minkler (CCC/NwCC), Bonnie Riedinger (MCC)

Module 2: Developing and Using Learning Objectives in Your Course

Stacey Williams (NvCC), Louise Petroka (GCC), Kathy Murphy (GCC), Carmelita Valencia-Daye (GCC)

Module 3: Structure and Organization of Content

Tobi Krutt (SO)

Module 4: Promoting Interaction & Communication in Your Course

Mary Bollash (MCC), Bonnie Riedinger (MCC), Tobi Krutt (SO), Margi Winters (TxCC)

Module 5: Creating Opportunities for Collaborative Learning

Bonnie Riedinger (MCC), Kathy Cercone (HCC), James Gentile (MCC), Tobi Krutt

Module 6: Peer Review of Collaborative Learning Project

Tobi Krutt (SO), Bonnie Riedinger (MCC)

Module 7: Motivation & Goal-Setting

Mary Bollash (MCC), Tobi Krutt (SO), Christine Witkowski (MCC)

Module 8: Assessment in an Online Environment

Rhonda DeWitt (SO), Yi Guan-Raczkowski (MXCC), Tobi Krutt (SO), Katie O'Connell (ACC)

Module 9: Reflecting on Your Learning

Tobi Krutt (SO), Bonnie Riedinger (MCC

Community College abbreviation key:

  • ACC - Asnuntuck
  • CCC - Capital
  • GCC - Gateway
  • HCC - Housatonic
  • MCC - Manchester
  • MxCC - Middlesex
  • NCC - Norwalk
  • NvCC - Naugatuck Valley
  • NwCC - Northwestern CT
  • QvCC - Quinebaug Valley
  • TrCC - Three Rivers
  • TxCC - Tunxis
  • SO - System Office

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