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 Course Audit
Whether your instructors are teaching for the first or hundred-and-first time, a trained set of eyes may be needed to ensure the course incorporates best practices in online teaching and learning. Our ID team will work with your course instructors to discuss current challenges, review course materials against learning objectives, and provide suggestions for possible improvement as part of the course audit process.

Here are some of the reviews that can be performed:
  • Review of content to ensure it meets the pedagogical needs of the intended audience
  • Review content for overall consistency in design and format
  • Review learning objectives for appropriateness and relationship to course content
  • Review assignments and resources for appropriateness
  • Look for gaps and redundancy in material
  • Review navigational and layout issues in the online environment
  • Check functionality and interaction of assessment material
  • Recommend strategies for enhancing material for online environment to promote and meet learning objectives for the course and potentially manage cognitive load issues
For more information, please contact our Instructional Design Department.
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