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  Sample Courses

The CTDLC has built a sample course for students interested in exploring the online learning environment that takes about an hour to complete. We encourage you to login to the course and see if the online experience is for you.

If you find your online experience enjoyable, you may want to go to our Course Offerings section to see what other courses are being offered online.

Click the link ENTER SAMPLE COURSE, and use the following information at the log on screen that follows.

Please do not change the guest information.

Course System
Blackboard logo

Step 1

A new window will open

Step 2
Click the login button button.
Step 3
Enter the Username & Password as "student" & "student".
Click the login button button.
Step 4
Under My Courses, click the CTDLC Sample Course link.


Technical Difficulties

If you have any further questions or problems related to the course, please contact CTDLC Technical Support

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