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CTDLC Lanuches iTunes U for CT, February 9, 2009
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Kevin Corcoran, CTDLC Associate Director talking with CTLDC staff
CTDLC was proud to welcome over 200 school administrators, faculty, and teachers to the iTunes U Kick Off event held at Central CT State University
CTDLC staff Carolyn Caggiano and Susan Champine registering participants
CTDLC CIO, George Claffey is interviewed by WVIT News, Channel 30
CTDLC Ex. Director, Diane Goldsmith talks with WVIT News, Channel 30
iTunes Kickoff participants
M.C. Kevin Corcoran, CTDLC Associate Director
CT State Senator and Chairperson of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee, Mary Ann Handley
Department of Higher Education Commission Mike Michael Meotti
Jay Rozgonyi, Assistant Director of Computing & Networks Services, talks about the development of Fairfield University's iTunes U site
CTDLC staff Owen Brandt working with our virtual speaker, Prof. Michael Joseph Barresi, who joined us via web conference from his office at Smith College
Jesse Wells, Richard Davis and Jillian Reid, talk about their iTunes U experiences at Broome Community College, in New York
Amy Lawson, CTDLC Instructional Developer, talks with attendees about signing up for the CTDLC iTunes U contract
Participants signing up with CTDLC CIO, George Claffey
Carolyn Caggiano, CTDLC Online Student Services Coordinator, explains CTDLC’s eTutoring and ePortfolio initiatives
Carolyn Roger, CTDLC Director of Academic Partnership Programs, describes CTDLC's plans for an iTunes U multi-institution collaboration
College administrators ask questions about the iTunes U contract
Diane Goldsmith, CTDLC Executive Director with speaker James G. Lengel, Assistant Professor of Communications at Boston University
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