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 The E3 Conference Presenters
Andrew Abate
Riverdale County Day School
Mr. Abate is a mathematics and technology teacher at Riverdale Country Day School in New York City, and an instructional technology coach at Cheshire Public Schools.  Mr. Abate's background has focused on integrating technology with learning and teaching. To help students achieve proficiency in mathematics, he created an online preparation course called MATH ON DEMAND using Google Drive as the delivery mode. He is interested in learning new ways to integrate technology in both online and on ground courses, and enjoys providing support for teachers who are interested in online teaching. In his classes this year, he has integrated videos using the iPad app "Educreations", continuing the use of Google Drive and Google Calendar, and using the "Socrative" and "Kahoot" to assess student learning and gather feedback. Mr. Abate's interests are science fiction, traveling and cooking. 
Marilyn Billings
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ms. Billings is the Scholarly Communication & Special Initiatives Librarian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a position she has held since 2006. She provides campus and regional leadership and education in alternative scholarly communication strategies and gives presentations on author rights, new digital publishing models and the role of digital repositories in today's research and scholarship endeavors. As an active member of professional library organizations, Ms. Billings is also involved in regional and national workshops on these topics. Current projects include her oversight of the UMass Amherst’s digital repository ScholarWorks and her recent role as the leader of the campus’ Open Education Initiative which has saved students over $1 million to date. For a more complete listing of presentations and publications, visit http://works.bepress.com/marilyn_billings/
George Claffey
Charter Oak State College
Mr. Claffey has been involved in technology and technology education for the ast fifteen years. Mr. Claffey serves as the Chief Information Officer for Charter Oak State College, Connecticut’s largest provider of online learning, and also the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium, a consortia providing ASP based eLearning collaborative environments to K12 and Higher Education entities nationally. As the Chief Information Officer, he provides technology vision and leadership for developing and implementing IT initiatives that create and maintain strategic value for the enterprise.
Dr. Brian Clark
Hebrew High School of New England
Sigel Hebrew Academy
Dr. Clark is the inaugural Director of Instructional Technology at the Sigel Hebrew Academy and the Hebrew High School of New England. Until recently, he served at the Faculty Center for Learning Development (FCLD) at the University of Hartford, where he specialized in creating software demonstrations.  He is completing an MEd in Instructional Technology Design at UMass Boston. He holds a BA in English from Amherst College, an MTS from Harvard Divinity School, and a PhD in Religion from Boston University.
Stacy Cohen
Framingham State University
Ms. Cohen is the Support and Training Coordinator at Framingham State University (FSU). Working with the Education Technology and Interactive Media Office team, she supports and trains faculty, staff, and students in the appropriate use of technology in the teaching and learning environment. Ms. Cohen earned her Bachelors of Arts in English with a concentration in secondary education from Bridgewater State College. Prior to working at FSU, she spent six years in the K12 environment in support and lead teaching roles working with traditional, gifted, and special needs learners to develop a 360-degree view of teaching and learning. Ms. Cohen’s focus is on online and hybrid learning in both K12 and higher education and the creation of community in online learning environments. Currently she is working toward a Masters of Education with a concentration in educational technology at Framingham State University.
Elizabeth Doane
Housatonic Community College
Ms. Doane started her over 40 year career teaching at Housatonic Community College in 1970. She created and coordinated a transfer program in CS. She was privilege to be awarded the Chancellor’s Educational Excellence Award. Since retiring in 2003, she continues to teach. She presently serves on Blackboarrd’s AX Partners program where they test tools and give input to developers on matters relating to accessibility. Ms. Doane is a member of ACM, and Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges in CT. She received her B.A. in mathematics from Albertus Magnus College, her M.A. in mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, and her M.S. computer and information sciences from the University of New Haven.
Daniel Facchinetti
Charter Oak State College
Mr. Facchinetti is an Instructional Designer and Pedagogical Lead at Charter Oak State College. In addition to supporting faculty with their online teaching and developing new courses, he coordinates Charter Oak’s faculty orientation program and conducts Blackboard orientation sessions for new students. Previously, Mr. Facchinetti has taught online learning workshops at the University of Rhode Island, where he was also an instructor of English. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire and is an ABD doctoral candidate at URI. He has also held adjunct instructor positions at Charter Oak, Capital Community College, and Post University.
Peter Gallay
Quinnipiac University
Mr. Gallay is a Multimedia Producer and Adjunct Faculty member in the QU Seminar Series at Quinnipiac University. He oversees the service learning QU South Africa program that includes the global seminars course, QU301 South Africa- From A Tourist to Township Perspective. Students spend the semester learning about the history and culture of South Africa, and explore its connections with the global community. Students also develop service projects that they implement once they travel to South Africa at the end of the semester. All academic work and reflections are posted online to the QU South Africa website (www.QUSouthAfrica.com).

Mr. Gallay holds a BS in Media Production and MS in Interactive Communications from Quinnipiac University.
Todd Hampton
Gateway Community College
Mr. Hampton is a librarian with over 15 years of professional library experience working in various libraries and with diverse populations. He is an instructor; lecturer and presenter with areas of expertise that include assessment, collection development, library instruction and reference services. He is currently the information literacy librarian at Gateway Community College.
Jessica Kenty-Drane
Southern Connecticut State University
Ms. Kenty-Drane is a sociologist and associate professor at Southern Connecticut State University. Ms. Kenty-Drane regularly teaches hybrid and online graduate and undergraduate courses. She also routinely incorporates online course management tools in her on-ground courses. Ms. Kenty-Drane embraces social media (i.e. Twitter, blogs, wikis, discussion boards) in all of her courses and also requires her students gain command of relevant software (e.g. SPSS, Prezi/PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word Track Changes function) to demonstrate acquisition of important workplace skills.
Dr. Suzanna Klaf
Fairfield University
Dr. Klaf is Associate Director of the Center for Academic Excellence at Fairfield University. She is responsible for professional development, working with faculty and departments on course design, curriculum development, and assessment of student learning. Dr. Klaf has experimented with various technologies for teaching and learning in her own classrooms, inspired and supported by her colleagues in Academic Computing.
Mary Kleps
Fairfield University
Ms. Kleps is an Instructional Support Specialist in the ITS department at Fairfield University and has been supporting educational technology on campus since 2000. Mary is a Blackboard Certified Trainer and Blackboard System Administrator whose primary responsibilities include providing training and support for various Blackboard systems licensed by the university.
Tobi Krutt
Connecticut State College and Universities Board of Regents
Ms. Krutt has worked for the Connecticut Community Colleges System Office, and now for the ConnSCU Board of Regents, for almost 18 years. She has developed and delivered a wide variety of training and learning resources for the implementation of system-wide applications, primarily those that relate to Blackboard and other teaching technologies. A major focus of her work is the development of online, “on-demand” resources in addition to formal online and on-ground training sessions. Her primary goal is to help improve the quality of teaching and learning throughout the system by utilizing emerging technologies, and to help faculty to incorporate innovative strategies to meet instructional challenges.

Prior to taking this job in 1996, she was training and marketing consultant and before that worked for many years in publishing design and production. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from UConn's department of Educational Leadership., and an undergraduate degree in Communications from Adelphi University.
Meg Leake
Central Connecticut State University
Ms. Leake is the Director of The Learning Center at Central Connecticut State University. Much of her 34 years of experience in higher education has been focused on academic success initiatives and providing educational opportunities for underprepared, first generation college students.   As the founding Director of The Learning Center, she instituted one of the first academic success coaching programs in the state.
Mary Murphy
Fairfield University
Ms. Murphy is an Assistant Professor of accelerated program second degree BSN nursing students. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner and VA Nursing Academy faculty at Fairfield University School of Nursing. She has been developing and implementing a flipped classroom approach to better integrate theory, evidence-based practice, and clinical reasoning with nursing students. Most recently Ms. Murphy utilized the Collaborate platform with archived screencast to accelerated nursing students as an alternative lecture format.
Clara Ogbaa
Gateway Community College
Ms. Ogbaa is the Director of Library Services, Gateway Community College, and has worked in academic libraries for 32 years. In addition to supervising library operations at the college’s new state-of-the-art in downtown New Haven campus, she has implemented several strategic initiatives and library services, including comprehensive library information literacy programs at Southern Connecticut State University, Texas State University, and Gateway Community College. Her areas of interest are information literacy, assessment, program development and customer service
Dr. Eileen O'Shea
Fairfield University
Dr. O'Shea is an Associate Professor at Fairfield University School of Nursing. She is the Pediatric Course Coordinator and also acts as a Clinical Instructor at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital.  Most recently Dr. O’Shea was the recipient of the 2012 Excellence in Education Award from the Society of Pediatric Nurses, as a result of innovative teaching practices and early adoption of simulation technology.
Jennifer Rafferty
Quinnipiac University
Ms. Rafferty has worked at Quinnipiac University Online since 2008 in an instructional design capacity where she provides faculty development and guidance for online faculty and programs. Ms. Rafferty is the editor of Digital Pedagog, QU Online's instructional design blog, and she also works with faculty who are pursuing the Quality Matters seal of approval for their online courses. An area of concentration for Ms. Rafferty is the use of emerging technologies in foreign language instruction. Ms. Rafferty developed the first online Spanish course for Quinnipiac's School of Nursing and she presents both regionally and nationally on language instruction in the virtual classroom. Ms. Rafferty holds an AB in Romance Languages from Mount Holyoke College, an MA in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a M.Ed. in Instructional Design from UMASS Boston.
Bonnie Riedinger
University of New Haven
Ms. Riedinger is the Director of eLearning at the University of New Haven. One of the founding iTeach Essentials developers and facilitators, Ms. Riedinger also has taught English online and on ground at The Ohio State University, the University of Connecticut and other colleges and universities. She has worked in distance learning and educational technology at several higher education institutions including Trinity College, Teikyo Post University, and Manchester Community College. She has presented at numerous distance learning conferences and published several articles on online faculty development, reflective practices, and ePortfolios.
Robin Robinson
Framingham State University
Ms. Robinson is the Director of Education Technology and Interactive Media at Framingham State University where she has worked since 2002.  Ms. Robinson directs the development and management of technology and services used for learning and instruction as well as interactive media for university communications. Ms. Robinson is an active participant in many organizations on and off-campus and recently contributed a Case Study to the publication Introduction: Online Leaning in Higher Education – the Case for Action. Ms. Robinson earned a Master's degree in Technical and Professional Writing from Northeastern University in Boston and worked in Publishing before coming to the University.
Carolyn Rogers
Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium
Ms. Rogers is the Director of Academic Services and eTutoring.org for the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium. She received her M.S. in Organizational Behavior from the University of Hartford and has over 20 years’ experience in positions of leadership, providing program planning, development and implementation in healthcare, industry and higher education. In addition to overseeing CTDC’s strategic planning and ID services, she has led the development of eTutoring.org, a collaborative program and service which over 14 years has grown to support thousands of students annually in 5 multi-institution consortia, covering 14 states, 2 Canadian provinces and over 140 colleges and universities.
Brian Salerno
Brandeis University
Mr. Salerno, MS is the Director of Online Learning and Assessment and a full-time faculty member at Brandeis University, Division of Graduate Professional Studies.  He is currently responsible for managing the online learning infrastructure for the school, and has over 12 years of experience in higher education in the areas of instructional design, academic technology, faculty development, and leadership of cross-functional teams. Mr. Salerno is also the Academic Program Chair for Brandeis University’s new MS program in Online Instructional Design and Technology.  Mr. Salerno has a passion for designing, developing, assessing, and teaching online courses and programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Mr. Salerno’s academic focus is primarily in the fields of instructional design, interactive media, and project management. Prior to joining the faculty of Brandeis GPS, Mr. Salerno previously taught and developed courses at Quinnipiac University, University of New Haven, and Manchester Community College in Connecticut, and at Mount Washington College in New Hampshire. In addition to his teaching positions, Mr. Salerno formerly held the administrative positions of Director of Online Programming & Instructional Design at Mount Washington College, Director of eLearning at University of New Haven, and Instructional Designer at Quinnipiac University.
Siobhan Ross
Providence College
Ms. Ross is the coordinator of the Instructional Technology Development Program at Providence College, where she works collaboratively with faculty in all disciplines to integrate technology into their teaching and learning activities. She has held similar positions at Brown University and Stony Brook University. Prior to entering the instructional technology field, Ms. Ross studied theoretical linguistics at the University of California, Irvine. She holds a BS in Linguistics and German from CUNY BA and a Masters in Liberal Studies from Stony Brook University.
Jay Rozgony
Fairfield University
Mr. Rozgonyi is the Director of Academic Computing at Fairfield University as well as an instructor in the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions there. He has more than 20 years of experience working in education, media, and technology, and holds an undergraduate degree in Media Studies as well as master's degrees in Library & Information Science and History. Mr. Rozgonyi 's work in information technology has focused on bringing technology into the classroom as a tool to support learning, and has included extensive training, documentation creation, and faculty collaboration.
George Sebastian-Coleman
Tunxis Community College
Mr. Sebastian-Coleman is a Professor of English, and teaches writing, literature, and theater in the Humanities Department. In addition, he is the Program Coordinator for the Liberal Arts & Sciences degree programs. He has been involved with the Tunxis ePortfolio project since its second year, and on the leadership team since its third.
Lisa Tassinari
University of Hartford
Ms. Tassinari has 6 years’ experience as an instructional designer and educational technologist at the University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut. She supports technology-enhanced teaching and learning by providing seminars, support, training, consulting, and instructional design assistance to faculty. Her major career focus is preparing faculty to teach online. Ms. Tassinari has been in a training and teaching role throughout her career first in K-12, and then at Aetna’s IT Department.

Ms. Tassinari earned a Master of Education, Educational Technology, from the University of Hartford, and a Bachelor of Education from Central Connecticut State University.
Mark Tortora
Quinnipiac University
Mr. Tortora has worked at Quinnipiac University since 2007 in the Office of Multicultural and Global Education.  He currently holds the position of Assistant Director for Education Abroad and is Adjunct Faculty for the QU Seminar Series.  In 2010, Mr. Tortora held the position of Resident Director to Quinnipiac University students studying in Ireland, while working towards his master's degree.  Research conducted during this time formed the foundation for Quinnipiac University's first hybrid online course for students studying abroad, QU301 Rites of Passage: the Study Abroad Student and the Global Community.  Mr. Tortora holds a BA in Business Management from Quinnipiac University and an MA in Sociology from University College Cork, Ireland.
Dr. Kaitlin Walsh
Charter Oak State College
Dr. Walsh is an Instructional Designer and Blackboard/Technology Lead at Charter Oak State College. In addition to supporting faculty in developing and delivering online courses, she is also responsible for the administration of Blackboard and other learning technologies. Previously, Dr. Walsh worked as an Educational Technologist in the Faculty Center for Learning Development at the University of Hartford and as an Instructional Design Specialist at the University of Connecticut’s A.J. Pappanikou Center for Developmental Disabilities. Elsewhere in higher education, Dr. Walsh has been an adjunct instructor in Communication at the University of Hartford and Manchester Community College, as well as a Junior Dean at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University in England, where she completed her doctorate in Spanish.
Jen Wittke
Tunxis Community College
Ms. Wittke is an Assistant Professor of English in the Academic Strategies Department and is the ePortfolio Coordinator.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Connecticut State University and a Master’s of Arts in English Literature from University of Sussex in Brighton, England.  Her teaching focuses on developmental English and the first-year student.  She joined the ePortfolio project as an adjunct in 2009 and became part of the leadership team in 2012.
Marquerite Yawin
Tunxis Community College
Ms. Yawin is a Professor of English and chair of the Academic Strategies Department.  She received her Master’s Degree from Central Connecticut State University.  At Tunxis, Ms. Yawin’s passion is working with new students, primarily teaching the First Year Experience course. She has been involved in the ePortfolio project since its first year.
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