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 The E3 Conference Presentations
Plenary Session
Rob Robinson

New Students, Old Demands, New Models:  Understanding Today’s “Disruptive” Environment in Higher Education


Presentation by Eileen O’Shea, Mary Murphy and Mary Kleps

Engaging Students in Virtual Classroom Spaces: Using Blackboard Collaborate for Teaching & Learning

Link to O’Shea PPT

Presentation by Brian Salerno

Keeping It Real In the Online Classroom: Authentic & Performance Based Assessment Strategies in Action

Link to Salerno PDF

Presentation by Robin Robinson and Stacy Cohen

Improving Student Engagement - Teaching with Mobile Technology

Presentation by Meg Leake and Carolyn Rogers

Exploring Online Academic Coaching for Adult Students: A Collaborative, Multi-Institution Grant-Funded Project

Link to Rogers PPT

Presentation by Jessica Kenty-Drane

Managing Online Courses - Keeping Sane without Sacrificing Rigor

Link to Kenty-Drane PDF

Presentation by Siobhan Ross

Using iPads In and Out of the Classroom


Presentation by Jen Wittke, Marguerite Yawin and George Sebastian-Coleman

Enhancing Courses and Programs with ePortfolio


Presentation by Marilyn Billings

Seeking Alternatives to High-Cost Textbooks: A Case Study of the UMass Amherst Open Education Initiative

Link to Billings PPT

Presentation by Daniel Facchinetti and Kaitlin M. Walsh

“Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”: Strategies for Making the Transition from On-Ground to Online Teaching

Link to Facchietti PPT

Presentation by Tobi Krutt, Bonnie Riedinger, Lisa Tassinari and Andrew Abate

iTeach, You Teach, We All Learn Together

Link to Krutt PPT

Presentation by George Claffey

Mobile Matters: The Value, Function, and Needs of Mobile Ecosystems in Higher Education


Presentation by Jennifer Rafferty, Mark Tortora and Peter Gallay

Global 2.0: Leveraging Technology to Engage Learners in Study Abroad Programs

Link to Rafferty PPT

Presentation by Brian Clark

Keys to Making Effective Software Demos


Presentation by Jay Rozgonyi and Suzanna Klaf

Flipping Your Classroom: Techniques & Tools for Teaching & Learning

Link to Klaf PDF
Link to Klaf Worksheet PDF

Presentation by Elizabeth Doane

Accessible Training with Blackboard and Screen Readers

Link to Doane Handout

Presentation by Clara Ogbaa and Todd Hampton

Embedding Information Literacy into the Curriculum: Faculty/Librarian Partnership for enhancing Student Learning

Link to Ogbaa PPT

Christopher Neidig Presentation (unable to present at conference)

Bring your Friends to the Party: Incorporating Guest Speakers into your Online Course!

Link to Neidig PPT

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