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Join the next session of Teaching Online for the First Time

As a participant, you get to experience the course from the student perspective, a potentially important perspective for considerations that you can apply to your own online course when you facilitate.

There is still room to join the November 19th session of the TOFT course. Click Here to learn more. Register today.

Summer TOFT Course Concluded June 29th

Congratulations to the recent participants of the Teaching Online for the First Time (TOFT) online course. Each participant has successfully completed a certificate of completion. They were a fun and engaging group. Thank you to the participants for sharing your knowledge and bringing expertise to the session. Have a great summer and all the best on your journey in online learning! To learn more about the course Click Here.

Ohio Board of Regents expands use of eTutoring

Ohio's Board of Regents expands their use of our eTutoring.org program! Ohio BOR will make their tutoring collaborative available to all 107 Ohio colleges and universities!

To read the story from the Ohio Board of Regent's website, please visit: http://estudentservices.org/e-tutoring

To read the story from the Dayton Daily, please visit: http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/dayton-news/ohio-wants-to-expand-free-online-tutoring-1351011.html

CTDLC Connects CT State Agencies to Online Learning

The CTDLC recently entered into a five year agreement to provide technology support to a collaborative program called Connect-Ability. Connect-Ability is headed by the Bureau of Rehabilitative Services and works to remove barriers that make it hard for job seekers with disabilities to find and keep jobs. Their role is to offer information, tools and technical assistance to job seekers and employers. This current project will expand online courses for consumers, their friends and family, and those who support them as well as for employers.

The CTDLC will be developing and hosting the front-end registration system which will house the course catalog, course enrollments and informational reports that will measure the success of the program. CTDLC will also provide instructional design/course development for approximately 14 topics per year. As courses are developed, they will be added to the course catalog and made available to the public through the Website. CTDLC will host these courses on Blackboard and provide Help Desk services to agency staff and the public.

Work has already begun on this project and the first courses are being released this month. CTDLC is proud to be supporting such an important initiative for the State of Connecticut, the BRS and Connect-ability.

ITC Webinar on Virtual Tutoring

Ohio eTutoring Coordinator Karen Boyd is giving a webinar for the Instructional Technology Council on September 13th on Supporting Today's Students through Virtual Tutoring. For more information and to Register Click Here.

Teaching Online for the First Time Course

Join us for the next section of Teaching Online for the First Time Course – next session to be announced soon!

For more information CLICK HERE.

CTDLC and DEP Team Up with Online Training Course

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has launched a new online training course to assist businesses in meeting the initial and annual training requirements for hazardous waste generators.

The Hazardous Waste Management Training Course is designed as a general overview of the regulatory requirements for handling hazardous waste and is targeted to hazardous waste handlers, managers and supervisors responsible for knowing the law and to assist them in complying with it.

DEP Commissioner Daniel C. Esty said, "This training is an example of putting technology to use to better serve the public and business community. Through E-Government services the DEP is providing an easy and convenient way for users to efficiently obtain important training and knowledge."

This online course is readily accessible, simple to use, and is free of charge. If a participant scores 80% or more correct on the final course assessment, a certificate may be printed to document that the training has been satisfactorily completed. Generators may use this certificate as part of their personnel training documentation. By searching "RCRA Help" or "RCRA compass" on the CT DEP Website you will find additional hazardous waste assistance.

The DEP developed the online training course with the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC). Established under the Board for State Academic Awards, the same board that oversees Charter Oak State College, the CTDLC is a public agency partially supported by state funding that provides support and services to meet the ever increasing demands of developing and delivering effective technology enhanced learning opportunities.

Development of the course was supported by Supplemental Environmental Project funds resulting from hazardous waste enforcement actions.

Click Here to enter the coures.

Online High School and Credit Recovery courses with CT Virtual Learning

Summer is just around the corner and for many high school students this is a time mixed with the joys of family vacations as well as academic planning. Whether summer school planning is for credit recovery, pre-learning, or catch up, our online courses taught by CT certified teachers are a top quality choice. Students may begin taking courses at any time and work at their own pace to complete them. Cost effective options are available to meet a variety of student needs.

Examples of some of the students taking our online courses include middle school students taking high school level math; a student that moved and didn't finish one of his courses taking the second semester online; and students who failed are retaking courses. With CT Virtual Learning, students have the ability to access their courses, communicate with their teachers and complete their work on a schedule that fits in with their family and work requirements. Accessible anywhere with Internet access, a secure login environment provides fully interactive lessons and assignments, aligned with CT and National standards of quality.

Credit Recovery courses have been designed for students that did not pass a course initially but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. The courses operate on a diagnostic driven model to validate comprehension, assess strengths and weakness and allow students to repeat or proceed through lessons as needed. Most students finish a Credit Recovery course in 8 weeks if they set aside a couple of hours each day to do their work. CT Virtual Learning allows 10 weeks for completion; however extensions are available for students that need them.

If you are a school administrator, teacher or guidance counselor please keep CT Virtual Learning's online courses in mind when advising your students. To get started, contact Gretchen Hayden ghayden@ctdlc.org or Carolyn Caggiano ccaggiano@ctdlc.org; or visit our website atCT Virtual Learning www.ctvirtuallearning.org.

Online Education Needs to Be More Aggressive in the Quality Debate

Written by Diane Goldsmith for WCET Learn.

Maybe I'm just getting cranky, but I'm increasingly irritated by attacks on online learning, especially those based on badly designed research, small sample sizes, or those using data from un-cited studies. "Why Are So Many Students Still Failing Online?" was the provocative headline of a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article.

Click Here to read the full story.

CT Virtual Learning on NBC 30's Making the Grade Weekly Segment!

CT Virtual Learning is Making the Grade in CT on NBC30. Contact Gretchen Hayden for enrollment information! Check it out here

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